Mission Possible

Dear friend

I am embarking on a journey to chip in some effort in bringing the world back to normal. Like you, I really hope we can continue our lives (or even live better lives) after the COVID-19 crisis meeting friends, travelling and doing all the little usual things we used to enjoy daily. After all, whether or not we are working on the frontline saving lives, we are all doing our part to help each other out, aren’t we?

I did a few things in the initial months of the COVID-19 outbreak, as I thought of helping businesses to survive in this unprecedented global crisis so that we can save our jobs as well as our families. Currently, I am working on a project myself hoping to create thousands of employment opportunities for people who have lost their job due to Covid-19. I had endured a few years of hunger when I was a small kid, and so I really hope there will be food, family love and happiness in every house while we are going though this. This is why it is very important for people to re-start their career or even create more businesses. Then there will be more jobs make available for breadwinners who lost their jobs.

We have experience in handling this together with business owner of SME firms, it won’t be an experiment and that’s for sure. For example, we have assisted an overseas car workshop to automate their car repair process, as well as Singapore’s M&E Engineering firm to fine tune their processes in running a digital marketing workshop for 10 entrepreneurs. We didn’t charge anything because we know cash flow might be an issue especially during tough times like the COVID-19 crisis.

I’ve also been talking to people these days about the support that they possibly can get from the government, and how they can also get grants to support both internships and traineeships. Sometimes I will also apply these grants for them, as many of their administrative staff are working from home and hence they would not have much administrative support than they used to.

Over the past few years, I’ve offered consultations and even sent my staff overseas to help companies transform their businesses digitally without any charges. Below is a list of transformations that my team has done for these companies for the past few years, and I thought I can extend these techniques to you too! In fact, the next video seminar that I’ll be conducting (in the Zoom platform) has received over 600 responses, so please do come on-board. Unlike other businesses, we seldom impose T&Cs when I help people. Please LET ME KNOW if we can lend a hand. There are no catches; the only wish I have for you is to PAY IT FORWARD when you see other businesses or people needing your help next time.


On a side note, I am also writing a book which might be titled “Entrepreneurship – 小老板梦想计划书”. I hope to get more people to become an entrepreneur as all of us will expect many companies to stop hiring and hence a large shortage of jobs. I started my journey as an entrepreneur 20 years ago and I barely made it myself, so I know it will be challenging for the others too. Simply having this book won’t solve that issue; however, with your contribution maybe we can together help more people to better understand entrepreneurship and avoid the mistakes that can be avoided, especially those mistakes that burn motivation and time. Let’s come together in this special project and make this world a better place by clicking here for our survey form. Alternatively, you can fill in the survey below.